People in the regions Centre Nord in Burkina Faso, Tambacounda in Senegal, West Equatoria State in South Sudan and Oromia in Ethiopia are particularly affected by food insecurity. Difficult climatic conditions, conflicts, poor access to resources and inputs, unsustainable agricultural practices and low awareness of the need for a balanced nutrition prevent families and especially infants from having adequate food throughout the year.

Supporting poor rural families to lift themselves out of hunger in the long term – this is the vision that unites Caritas Austria, Meki Catholic Secretariat, Solidarity with South Sudan, Caritas Tambacounda and OCADES Kaya. As part of a joint five-year strategic partnership and with financial support from the Austrian Development Agency, the programme team will sensitize, accompany, train and support around 5.500 smallholder households (which is around 32.000 individuals).

The aim of the COMPASS programme is to improve the food security of those poor rural families in the long term. With this strategy, we contribute to the second UN Sustainable Development Goal “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture“.