In the intervention area of the project, the principal cultures produced are rain fed crops, more precisely, cereals and cash crops. As counter season crop, market gardening is also done in some places.

However, the lack of water – which is often due to difficulties linked to the depth of the wells – hinders the development of market gardening activities in certain villages. The women, who are most exposed to variations in the nutritional situation, face many difficulties. They play a vital role in the economic evolution of their regions, because of their daily hard domestic labour.

The production of cereals is still unstable and marked by erratic rainfalls from one season to the next. This again is closely linked to increased malnutrition rates. Tambacounda is among the alarming regions within Senegal in terms of prevalence of global acute malnutrition.

Tambacounda Region, Senegal (Source: Google Maps)




Hence, within the COMPASS programme, Caritas Tambacounda will aim at achieving the following changes in the region of Tambacounda:

  • 950 households have diversified their agricultural production
  • 620 households have adopted sustainable agricultural practices on their fields and report that lean periods have been reduced
  • 650 households are practicing methods of post-harvest loss
  • 350 households have additional livestock assets while preserving necessary natural resources
  • 710 households report to have additional income through the sale of agricultural and/or livestock products
  • 950 households have increased awareness of the need to protect natural resources
  • 710 households have adopted new practices to limit negative effects on the environment
  • 50 households have access to water in acceptable quantity, quality and distance
  • 50 households have adopted good hygienic and sanitary practices
  • 500 households are putting into practice strategies for preventing malnutrition of household members, especially children under five
  • 2.365 undernourished children show a reduction in undernourishment